Re-Paint our World

At Spraysmith, we DON’T want to cover the world with paint… au contraire!

Our spraying processes are all made to optimise the usage of product needed, still assuring a perfect finish and durability of our joinery.

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To achieve that goal, since the very beginning of our company, we are using airless paint pumps.

reduced wastage

Opposite to conventional gravity guns or compressed air systems, which use a compressor or turbine (similar to a vacuum cleaner) to pump air + paint through the nozzle, our airless pump system works in a slightly different way; it uses a piston to pressurise the paint, which then forces its way through the nozzle and onto the desired surface. Airless paint spraying tend to be more powerful while dispersing less than half VOCs.

This system requires highly qualified sprayers, as it works at much higher pressure, enough to break a glass or bend metal. As in every skilled job, once mastered, this method assures a perfectly smooth and resilient coating.

increased efficiency

Airless paint pumps save waste also during flushing and quick colour change.

Together with its ability to disperse much less VOCs than a conventional compressed air system, it means also that saves paint for increased efficiency.