A Matter of Balance

When our clients ask for something bespoke for their spaces, we like to experiment with materials and shapes.

This living room side table was born thanks to an initial request, where our client asked for timeless craftsmanship to match their home’s art pieces.

Once decided to work with wood only, we selected solid oak for its strength and durability and walnut for its warm feel.

We started to assemble the structure, formed by an oval top over a square base. The different shapes didn’t combine quite well, although the oval was a good match with the half-moon shaped legs, which had to be thin to ensure elegance, yet strong enough to support the table.

Then we found the solution: an oval shape in oak included into a walnut rectangle… the perfect balance!

When we came to the finish, we had to varnish the piece for maximum protection. The usual varnishing process saturates the colours. We opted instead for a white-washed bleach treatment to preserve the natural raw look of the timbers.

The final result is a calibrated and timeless piece, light both in tones and in structure.